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We value your privacy and have taken steps to keep your information safe. We do not sell personal information of our visitors, but some of your information must be shared with the carrier for shipping purposes, and with specific companies from which some orders may be shipped who sell through this internet site. As a requirement of some agreements with authors or creators of content or products sold through this site, when you buy their products your information may be shared with the creator(s) of items which you may have purchased.

Credit card information is not shared and is only used during payment processing for the order on which the card information is used. If you create a permanent account, rather than purchasing as a guest, then you can save any address you wish and select any of your saved addresses to be used for a particular card you use on any future order provided that the saved address you choose matches your card's billing address.

When you create your account, rather than using our guest checkout, you can save addresses and then at the time of order processing you may select the address associated with your credit card. Addresses used on your order, including your primary shipping address, drop-shipping addresses, and billing addresses are retained for your future reference and convenience. All addresses are saved as non-designated addresses and are encrypted for security purposes.

By agreeing to the Conditions of Use and Policies and Notices of this site you are agreeing that you will accept and will receive critical information regarding your previous, current, or future orders, such as your invoice copies, notice of shipment, notice of delayed shipment, notice of pre-order, notice of back-order, notice of payment issues, and other such critical communications via email, standard mail, telephone, texts, or other electronic or non-electronic notification methods pertaining to your order and your account.

By using the site you consent to our Privacy Policies stated on this Notice.
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